Natural Grazing Slow Feeder / Soaker

Second Only To Nature
Approved, Owned and Sold by Veterinarians and Equine Dentists!
See for yourself why stabled horses prefer Porta-Grazer™ over other feeding methods


For those who live in Australia!

Please visit –  Porta-Grazer At Booralite Park

The Horse Show with Rick Lamb on RFD-TV did a segment on the Porta-Grazer™
Rick and Walt discuss how its designed to work and the benefits of using this natural grazing slow feeder
*Filmed at the beautiful Intrepid Farms during the Light Hands Clinic where Porta-Grazer™ was a vendor.

 To see more of Rick Lamb on RFD-TV click the picture below


Discount to Law Enforcement,  Military and 501(c)3  groups!
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Cut-away video showing how Porta-Grazer™  works with all types of hay.

Please Note:
The video is an old one, the phone number showed is not correct. The correct number is 208-253-3330



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Watch the video to learn how the Porta-Grazer™  can benefit you and your horse!

The Patented Locking System Keeps the Pan Secured in the Feeder Even When Rolled Around.

Porta-Grazer™ comes with several options to choose from whether you need a Mini, XL,
Corner Feeder, or a Soaker with auto shut off. All models include a drain plug.
Different pan hole sizes to choose from to insure the best fit for your equines needs

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Traveling is easy!

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No More Messy Hay Nets!!
Hay nets are wasteful, and even if your horse does eat the hay that lands on the ground, he is ingesting the dirt, sand, parasites etc … Not good at all!

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Porta-Grazer™ Prevents & Treats
Many Digestive Ailments
  • Sand Colic
  • Impaction Colic
  • Ulcers
  • Laminitis
  • Founder
  • Parasites
  • Weight Control
  • Insulin Resistance
  • COPD
  • TMJ
  • Choke
  • Bad Stall Habits, such as chewing wood, kicking walls, cribbing, weaving and more
  • Conformation- Back, Hock, Neck issues
  • Dunking/Soaking

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