Traveling With Your Horses Has Never Been Easier!

Whether you go camping, to horse shows, out for the day working cows, or just going for a trail ride Porta-Grazer™  makes traveling easy! No messy hay nets to deal with, no more cleaning up wasted hay off the ground when your ready to leave. Can even be used with your horse on a high line.

  • With the Porta-Grazer™  Traveler there is no more wasted hay whether at home or on the go!
  • Your horse stays on the same feed routine, which reduces stress and the chance of colic while traveling
  • Place the hay or pellets in the Porta-Grazer™  put the lid on and off you go.
  • Once you arrive, the lid is a water trough holding approx 9 gallons of water.
  • Self contained feeding/water system helps protects your horse against other horses illness

Love my Porta-Grazer. Works way better than hay bags! — Heather Blottenberger

We bought four Porta-Grazers at the Packer Clinic in Kalamath Falls this spring. We taught our horses how to eat from them at home, which was not hard, and we use ours for camping. When we are ready to go home, you cannot tell that horses were even there. There is no hay on the ground; the horses are contented having their hay barrels handy under the highline for them to munch on when they want. They learn how to tip them over and pull them back up with their noses to shift the hay; the horses & our mules know exactly what they are doing to work their feeders. We are truly happy we made the investment in Porta-Grazers, and how much they save us on not wasting hay, and the horses don’t have to eat in the dirt.
Thank you!
Lane & Linda


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