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If you’d like to share YOUR video of your horse(s) using Porta-Grazer™  please send us an email with the link to your video! We would love to share it in our collection!

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 Some Informative Videos on Horse Health

All videos can be watched at the size they are at, or in full screen mode.

Not a gory video, very good watch!  THIS is why we strive to feed our horses better!

Very informative video on how we feed affects the digestive system.

Digestive system imbalance due to how horses are fed.

A Vet shows how to check for signs of ulcers
Brazos Vet talks about some of the causes of gastric ulcers

UC Davis Vet Emily Hagget explains how to recognize and prevent colic in horses

Shows how the coffin bone shifts downward due to laminitis

Quick video showing the signs of what founder/laminitis looks like.