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Hay Waste

Porta-Grazer Eliminates Hay Waste

The unique patented design
eliminates hay waste by not allowing hay to be picked through
or spread to the ground and wasted.
The tab locking system keeps the pan in the barrel even when rolled around. The hay stays in the feeder instead of being spread all over the ground. The pan also prevents the horse from searching thru the hay to get the sugar first.. Only being able to eat what pops up thru the holes. The pan is designed to lift and hold the bits of hay up to the horse so they can size and tear off each bite same as if in pasture.
Wasted hay is wasted money.

Horses pick through, walk on, poop on and pee on the hay in order to search out the sugar. This behavior results in large amounts of the good valuable hay being wasted. Some may become so obsessed with the sugar that they will not eat the leftover hay, waiting for more to pick through.

 Porta-Grazer eliminates hay waste saving you money!

Shop Now Debbie Massaro Gould Customer

  Bought two, and I love them, it’s saved me so much in hay, and my horse like them. I’m going to order one more for my other horse.

Julie Gossman Customer

I have over 30. They are worth every penny. Wasted hay is expensive. My horses enjoy their barrels.

Pat Rigas Customer

Our horses really like their Porta-Grazers. No more wasted hay, and they eat all day. We always take our Porta Grazers with us too when we take any of our horses to a show or horse camping.

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