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How Porta-Grazer Can Help Prevent and Treat Laminitis



Porta-Grazer and Soaking Hay

  Sometimes it is necessary to to soak the forage for immediate help with treatment of laminitis.   All Porta-Grazer models have a built in drain to allow for easy soaking of the hay.  When you reduce the sugar/ calories it allows the horse the ability to free feed therefor preventing the horse from getting ulcers and other digestive issues while treating the laminitis.

  Since all Porta-Grazer models have a built in drain plug to make soaking easy.  No more messy wet hay to deal with. Simply load the Porta-Grazer with dry forage per directions, fill with water, soak, then drain the water out and give it to the horse.

Similar to human type II sugar diabetes, you can safely eat sugar, but a bite an hour not a candy bar an hour.
Shop Now Rebecca Callender Allman Customer

 I have had my porta grazers for years! Left out in all kinds of bad weather and doubled as a hen’s nest a few times 😂. They are tough! Never have cracked. It helped with laminitis and I didn’t even have to soak the hay. I placed them all around a sanded lot to encourage walking . Hardly noticed any waste! The first time they used it they were seriously angry to have work at it knocking it over and that tense look of ripping the hay out. They get used to it though if you don’t interfere with the process!

Jennifer Bleich Customer

This was the only thing that saved my lame horse! Our pasture was too rich. I tried limiting his time out, a grazing muzzle, changing hay in his traditional feeders. And yet… Inflammation was in his feet and he would be lame again and again. Our vet suggested these feeders and Ive had a different horse since purchasing these! I cant believe how little waste we have and how all 3 of my horses took to them so fast. Weve already taken down our other feeders and swear by these PORTA-GRAZERs!

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