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Sand Colic

Porta-Grazer Helps Prevent Sand Colic

  When hay is baled the process creates dust, which adheres to the hay and is compressed into the bale.
Therefor when the hay is eaten in large compressed bites or when fed on the ground dust and sand particles are ingested. These particles settle in the digestive tract which can cause a blockage that is usually fatal if not treated immediately.
Colic is the largest cause of premature death in equines.

How does using a Porta-Grazer help?

 How does using a Porta-Grazer to prevent sand colic?  The pan is designed to lift and hold the bits of hay up to the horse.  This allows the horse to size and tear off each bite.  Which causes the dust, sand and dirt to be  shaken loose and work its way to the bottom of the barrel. There it is collected in a trough out of the horses reach to be discarded later.   Little to no feed is dropped to the ground to be contaminated with foreign materials and ingested.  

When feeding on the ground sand and dirt particles can be ingested.

Horses do not eat naturally off of the ground, they eat the tops of plants that grow from the ground.
Shop Now Marilyn Waidelich Customer

This has saved my horse from browsing on sand..he would wolf down his feeding and be so bored, now he’s occupied, happy and healthier.

Lanette Owning Customer

 Couldn’t be more pleased with our three feeders. We have a senior horse, who needed the bigger holes, with our other two quarter horses using the regular feeder. This is the BEST investment we ever made. You save so much money…there is no more wasted hay that has blown away or been messed on.We test our boys fecal every six months and there has not been sand in it for over a year.
  Our youngest gets bored really easy, so he loves to play with his. These things HOLD up!!! So, I wouldn’t call them “Expensive”, but rather a “Money Saver”. You save money on feed, Sand Clear, and vet bills. Sounds like a win-win to me! Thank you, for delivering an AWESOME and QUALITY product!!! Feeling blessed!!

Karen Plamondon Small Customer

We’ve only had our grazers about 2 weeks. Our vet suggested them because our horses were getting colic and sand impaction. Our horses are calmer and happier, it seems like it happened overnight. No fighting, no colic, no waste, no sand. These are the best!

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