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Why NOT to Use Hay Nets or Bags

Why NOT to use hay nets or bags

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Here is a video showing how nets can affect your horse… Video credit to Animal Spine – McTimoney Chiropractic

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Using a hay net or hay bag can be dangerous for your horse due to the netting material being ingested or the horse becoming entangled. One thing that all hay nets and bags have in common is that they waste hay, and wasted hay is wasted money. Even if your horse does consume hay that has fallen to the ground he is able to ingest sand, dirt, debris, and parasites while picking up the loose hay laying on the dirt, then your money is spent on combating sand colic, parasite infestation etc. You’re probably thinking hey, horses eat off the ground even in nature…. BUT that is not true…Horses do not naturally eat off of the ground, they eat the tops of plants that grow from the ground.

When eating from a hay net or bag the horse stands in an unnatural position. His back hollows out, hocks are positioned in a camped out manner, his neck is twisted, his jaw alignment is no longer where it should be which causes his teeth to wear unevenly. Proper head down feeding brings the jaw, neck, back, hocks etc all into proper alignment. Even if using a net or bag at ground level you run the risk of the horse becoming entangled, especially if wearing shoes and the hay is in contact with the ground, which leads to mold growth, and again ingestion of sand, parasites, etc. Porta-Grazer™ eliminates hay waste and keeps your horse from having to eat hay off the ground. The patented design keeps the hay in the feeder where it belongs.

We spend so much time, money an effort to protect our horses with splint boots, skid boots, shipping boots, blankets, fly mask, we insure our saddles fit and use pads to make sure our horse is comfortable and our saddle doesnt pinch or rub them wrong… we provide them with shelter and fencing so they wont get hurt…Why not provide the same protection to your horses digestive system? By using the Porta-Grazer™ you are protecting your horse against colic, ulcers, laminitis, founder, and so many other digestive ailments. Its simple math… Vet bills vs cost of a Porta-Grazer™… Pretty clear choice!

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