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Natural Grazing,

Slow Hay Feeder

Natural head-down grazing when pasture
is not an option

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Duty Free to Canada

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Porta-Grazer™ Second Only to Nature

Approved, Owned and Sold by Veterinarians and Equine Dentists!

Porta-Grazer provides natural head down grazing when pasture is not an option!

Shipping to select areas in Canada!

Available in 3 Models

How to Load Your Porta-Grazer

Porta-Grazer™ Prevents & Treats Many Digestive Ailments

      Sand Colic – Impaction Colic – Ulcers – Laminitis – Founder
     Parasites – Weight Control – Insulin Resistance – COPD
    TMJ – Choke – Bad Stall Habits,
    such as chewing wood,
    kicking walls, cribbing, weaving
    Conformation- Back, Hock, Neck issues – Dunking/Soaking
    and more

See for yourself why Porta-Grazer is used all over the world by well-known clinicians, trainers, veterinarians,  and everyday horse people.

The Happiest Place on Earth- Disney World and Disneyland use Porta-Grazers for their horses.

Portable and easy to take with you so your horse stays on the same feed routine no matter where they are.

Drain plug makes soaking/rinsing hay easy!

Whether you have minis or drafts, there is a model for your horse..

Rick Lamb
Rick Lamb
Richard Winters
Richard Winters
Steve Lantvit
Steve Lantvit
Dr. Peters DVM
Dr. Peters DVM

Dr. Peters of McKinlay & Peters Equine Hospital in Spokane Wa. speaks about suggestions for slow feeders to prevent tooth damage.

He personally uses the original Porta-Grazers on his own ranch..

For those who don’t like to spend a lot of time reading, here is a video that shows you how it works, why it works, etc.

Please Note:

The video is an old one, showing the first generation Porta-Grazer, the phone number shown was our old number. The correct number is (208) 253-3330

Traveling is easy!

See how easy it is here Travel Ease.

No More Messy Hay Nets!!

Hay nets are wasteful, and even if your horse does eat the hay that lands on the ground, he is ingesting the dirt, sand, parasites, etc … Not good at all!


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Walt with his horse Ditto
Walt with his horse Ditto

About Us

The PORTA-GRAZER™ is designed to replicate as close as possible a natural grazing environment for your confined equines by slowing down feed intake while simulating head down grazing behavior. The result is better physical as well as mental health for the horse.

We also knew it needed to be user-friendly while at the same time safe for the horse with no locks, latches, or hardware to fool with. It is perfect for at home or when traveling…no mess, no wasted feed, and no unsanitary conditions with the PORTA-GRAZER™. My goal is to contribute to better equine health as well as saving money for the owner.

We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.