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Natural Grazing,

Slow Hay Feeder

Natural head-down grazing when pasture
is not an option

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Duty Free to Canada


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Porta-Grazer™ Second Only to Nature

Approved, Owned and Sold by Veterinarians and Equine Dentists!

Porta-Grazer provides natural head down grazing when pasture is not an option!

Shipping to select areas in Canada!

Porta-Grazer™ Prevents & Treats Many Digestive Ailments


Ulcers  , Sand Colic , Impaction Colic ,  Laminitis / Founder , Weight ControlTMJBad Stall Habits such as chewing wood, pawing, kicking walls, cribbing, weaving etc.
Conformation- Back, hock, neck issues

Parasites, Insulin resistance, Dunking / Soaking, Choke, and more


Available in 3 models

All Porta-Grazer models are round and have a drain plug. They can be used anywhere-inside or outside.

How to Load Your Porta-Grazer

See for yourself why Porta-Grazer is used all over the world by well-known clinicians, trainers, veterinarians,  and everyday horse people.

Disney World and Disneyland use Porta-Grazers for their horses. Zoos, race tracks, boarding facilities and veterinary clinics as well.

Portable and easy to take with you so your horse stays on the same feed routine no matter where they are.

Drain plug makes soaking/rinsing hay easy!

Whether you have minis or drafts, there is a model for your horse..

Weight control
why not to use hay nets or bags