Lehmann Stables Testimonial

Lehmann Boarding Facilities had this to say about Porta-Grazer


HI Walt,

Now the cold season has started I finally find some time to sit back and write to tell you how the PORTA-GRAZERS are working for us. Eline bought 1 PORTA-GRAZER at the Western Horse Expo in 2010. When she returned home I initially did not think much of the “expensive bucket” she brought with her. Very soon after though, we had you deliver 18 more PORTA-GRAZERS as we had discovered quickly they brought us and our horses many advantages, and well worth the investment. In the mean time we have successfully used PORTA-GRAZER for 18 months. Here is what we found.

In our family run stables, we can appreciate every minute less spent on cleaning. As you can see in the video and pictures of our stables posted on your website, we like to keep pour stalls nice and tidy, the Dutch way. All stalls and barn isles are cleaned and swept every morning and evening before feeding. The first thing we learned about PORTA-GRAZER is that we now spend only half the time on cleaning, as only very little hay is spilled on the ground. Obviously less hay on ground is less hay wasted. Where depending on the season we used to carry out a lot of hay to the muck pile, after PORTA-GRAZER this amount can be neglected! No hay on the ground also means that our horses are no longer eating their hay mixed with sand, and that is a big advantage in our sandy area. Fall time is colic time in this area, with traditionally several cases a year. Since PORTA-GRAZER was introduced we have not had ANY colic cases and that is now two seasons in a row!

Besides the BIG benefits above, we have seen many more reasons one would want to use a PORTA-GRAZER. Our horses spend considerably more time grazing, sometimes 3 to 4 times longer. I use the word grazing intentionally because feeding resembles grazing much more than our earlier way of feeding, even when using hay nets. There is less fighting over the and through the mare motel fences and no more grabbing each others hay. The whole herd seems much more relaxed and happy, which contributes to our goal to create a stress free environment.

For a boarding stables like ours, it is important that boarders are satisfied with the horse care program. The introduction of the PORTA-GRAZER has contributed to our reputation of being a great place to board a horse. Thanks for providing a great product. We will be ordering more soon!