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Porta-Grazer is 100% USA made. We manufacture the feeders in Chino Calif.  We do have dealers in other countries that we ship containers to that sell to customers in those countries.

Questions & Answers

The mini model is designed for miniature horses and can be used by certain sheep and goats...It is not recommend for daily use for full size horses. Its only 18 inch tall.
The XL model and the Corner Feeder models are designed for all other horses.   The XL model is a twice a day feeder.  The corner model is designed t be filled once a day.  All models have a drain plug and can be used anywhere. Inside, outside, or when traveling.


How do I get the pan out?

There is a key hole in the side wall of the pan... Point that keyhole towards the handle with the arrow on it. (In the case of the corner feeder point it towards the handle)

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Wont my horse get fat if I free feed?

Not if you feed a low calorie type forage. When free feeding you do not regulate the volume... Horses are designed to have forage 24/7 to buffer the stomach acid that runs 24/7.  You regulate the calories IN the hay that you feed.Each horse has different calorie needs.. Meet those needs by the type of hay you feed. A low calorie grass hay is better for the horses digestive system than to feed 2 or 3 meals of high calorie hay where the horse goes long stretches with nothing in in its gut.


Can I soak hay in the Porta-Grazer?

Yes! All model have a drain plug to make soaking or rinsing hay easy! Place the hay in the feeder per the directions, place the pan in, and fill with water. When you are done soaking simply drain the water and give to you horse.
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Will the Porta-Grazer damage my horses teeth?

The Porta-Grazer is made from a food grade plastic that is designed to be softer than normal healthy horse teeth. If the horse bites or scrapes its teeth on the feeder you will see that the plastic gives.

If you are seeing teeth marks on the pan this indicates that the horse is having trouble getting the hay out. Check to make sure the proper pan is being used, and that the hay is loaded correctly.
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Can I use the Porta-Grazer if I ration feed?

Yes, you can ration feed using a Porta-Grazer. Though horses are designed to have forage at all times.  The Porta-Grazer was designed to allow grazing when pasture is not an option. Using a low calorie type hay would enable the horse to have more hay without the excess calories they don't need.

Can horses share a Porta-Grazer?

Each horse needs its own feeder. If there is only one feeder available the dominate horse will take it. When feeding in a herd setting each horse needs its own feeder.  And spread them out so no horse can "guard" the feeders preventing the lesser horse from eating.
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Is the corner feeder round?

Yes, all Porta-Grazers are round. The Corner Feeder has extra plastic on the one handle so if you wish to secure it in the corner of a stall it looks flush with the wall..

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Can I use the Porta-Grazer outside in the weather?

Yes The all models are designed to be used anywhere, inside or outside..  They are rated to neg 30 and have 15 yr UV inhibitor. All models have a drain plug which lets any rain drain out.






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