Conformation and Feeding


How you feed affects your horse

How you feed can affect your horses conformation.  When the horse eats with its head in an upright position it hollows the back.  Which transfers the body weight to the hind quarters. This will result in the hind legs being placed further back than normal. So stress is constantly being applied to the back and hocks. This can also cause neck issues from the constant twisting to get the forage. Also, dust, hay and debris can fall into the eyes.


In the 3 pics above notice the relaxed natural body position when grazing from the Porta-Grazer

Writtle University shows how the back is changed by feeding with the head down.

How eating in a natural position helps

When a horse eats with its head down it allows the jaw to slide forward to properly chew. The neck, back, hocks, are all relaxed and in a natural position.  Which allows the sinus to drain properly.

Porta-Grazer is a more natural way to feed

Porta-Grazer allows the horse to graze with its head down as nature intended. This natural stance pulls the topline into alignment and the hind legs into the correct weight bearing position relieving neck, back and hock stress.  Having forage available at all times will also reduce a bulging “hay” belly.

Writtle University College Study on how nets can affect your horses neck
Even with the net lowered you can see how the horse twists its neck to eat. ..ouch!

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