Why does your horse dunk its hay in the water? You go out and there it is. The messy left over bits floating in the water trough.

Why do horses dunk?

Its much like when we take a bite of a cake that is rather dry... We struggle to get it down so we reach for something to drink. Once the cake is all nice and wet we are able to swallow it easier. THIS is what your horse is doing!

Hay has low moisture content. When the horse cant size its bite it can cause a large mouthful to be taken which can be hard to chew thoroughly to get enough saliva mixed in to lubricate it.  When your horse dunks its hay in the water its actually doing itself a favor.  By making the hay wet it is easier to get that big blob of hay down. Some will wave the hay around in the water separating it into more manageable bites.  While this is not a bad thing for the horse as it helps prevent choke or impaction, it can be frustrating for owners who constantly have to clean the mess up.

How Porta-Grazer can solve both problems

By using a Porta-Grazer the horse is able to size and tear off each bite same as in pasture. This allows the horse to have smaller bites that can be thoroughly chewed.  Which adds in enough saliva to lubricate each bite to facilitate easy swallowing.

WIN WIN for the horse who can now size each bite and for the owner who doesn't have to be cleaning out hay from the water trough.