Porta-Grazer Can Help Prevent Impaction Colic

Using a Porta-Grazer can help prevent impaction colic.   Porta-Grazer allows the horse to size and tear off each bite same as if they were in pasture. 

  A horse’s food must be moist when leaving the stomach in order to flow smoothly and allow the nutrients to be absorbed by the digestive system. This moisture is obtained from the saliva created while chewing.

When pasture is not an option many people just toss out some flakes of hay. When the horse cant size their bite they end up with a big mouthful that doesn't get chewed properly.  Less chewing means less saliva is getting mixed in. Low moisture content will lead to intestinal impaction colic.

This is especially true for ration fed horses that stand for hours with no forage.  Horses do not have a gallbladder. The stomach acid runs 24/7.   When they are finally given hay they try to eat as quickly as possible, in an effort to buffer the stomach acid. They don't spend as much time chewing.  And will swallow a rather dry bolus of hay. This can lead to impaction colic. 

How Does Porta-Grazer Prevent Impaction Colic?


  The rotating pan lifts and holds bits of hay up to the horse so they can size and tear off each bite same as if they were grazing on pasture. The horse then chews thoroughly mixing saliva with each bite adding the needed moisture to his digestive system (up to 10 gallons of saliva per day). Having forage available at all times in the Porta-Grazer allows the horse to self regulate and calmly and slowly consume its forage.

   In a natural environment horses will water once or twice daily to replenish bodily fluids.


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