Feeding Pellets using the Porta-Grazer

feeding pellets

Feeding pellets may be required for some horses. Perhaps they can't have hay for whatever reason.  Dental, age, quidding etc.  However when most horses are given a feeder full of pellets they tend to take large mouthfuls.  Which can lead to poorly chewed pellets lacking enough saliva. This can lead to choke or impaction colic.

 The Porta-Grazer offers a pellet pan which is designed to pick up only a few pellets at a time so the horse is able to get smaller mouthful. It has 10 smaller holes that lift up a few pellets at a time when the horse rotates pan. This allows the horse to spend more time chewing,  properly lubricating the pellets with saliva before swallowing which helps prevent impaction colic . The pellet pan is available in the XL model for standard size horses.

Feeding a low calorie grass hay type pellet the horse is still able to have feed 24/7 to meet its digestive needs. Which allows the horse to self regulate so they will only eat what they need.


Please note- When feeding pellets the Porta-Grazer  must be tied by one handle to prevent it from being tipped over.

Sarah Kintner
Sarah Kintner

I use the XL with 10 hole for my 34+ yr old gelding. I feed dry Timothy pellets.  He cannot eat any hay or hay cubes---he quids so badly. He does great with the pellets. He eats about 18 -20 lbs a day. It is so great because I can feed dry pellets year round -- even through the winter.
My old guy was really struggling with his weight and muscle tone and I was afraid his days were numbered...but I have to say that this feeder has added a bunch of weight and few more years to his life......THANK YOU!!!!"