Mini Porta-Grazer™


Designed for minis and small ponies. Also works great for sheep/goats. Drain plug for easy cleaning or when soaking hay. Holds 2 average size flakes

See description below for choosing hole size

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Mini Porta-Grazer™ 2 pc. set includes: barrel and one grazing pan with the hole count of your choice (see below). The patented interlocking tab system allows the pan to be secured in the barrel while still partially extended above the barrel opening allowing for more hay. For best results the hay is not fluffed, simply place the flake flat against the inside barrel wall, push down folding the flake over to the bottom – creating an arch – then line up the keyhole in the pan with the arrow on one handle, drop in the pan and give it a spin. Takes only seconds to load!! Not recommended for full size horses except for traveling convenience.

Approximate capacity = 4084 cu. in. =Approximately 2 average size flakes. Weight will vary depending on the compaction and moisture content of the hay.

Hole selection guideline – Read all choices before making selection.
10 holes – for miniatures and ponies when feeding fine hay free choice or when feeding pellets to any size horse/pony
8 holes for – feeding coarse type grass hay free choice. for minis/ponies when soaking hay– This applies to MINIs and Small ponies only… For standard size horses use this pan to feed only soft fine grass hay free choice.
6 holes for – ration feeding all standard size horses, alfalfa hay, coarse grass hay such as timothy or teff- any overly compacted, dry, brittle or coarse hay, any hay taken from round or big square bales, and horses with under or over bites, or when soaking hay for horses.

Specifications – Rugged food grade (not recycled) polyethylene plastic, UV protected, rated to 30 deg. below zero. approx. 18 lbs empty, 18″ tall x 22″ wide, 3/4″ threaded drain plug.

When it comes to horses we all know that accidents can happen and that no feeder is 100% “horse-proof” however we have done our best to make the Porta-Grazer the safest feeder possible.

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